Visiting Master Meiying Wang, Rising Kung Fu Movie Star in China

Visiting Master Meiying Wang

Visiting Master Meiying Wang

Miss Meiying Wang won 15 China national championships titiles in China since she started her Chinese martial arts career at 8 years. After college Meiying entered in the movie industry as stunts for a couple of years and become kung fu movie stars in various movies, TV series and shows, such as, the second lead lady in Kung Fu Master, Intel Ultra Book Commercial in 2013.

Miss Wang demonstrated her martial arts skills in China, several other countries such as Japan and Vietname. She was invited as a special guest at the 4th annual Steel City International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Pittsburgh on April 12, 2014. During staying in Pittsburgh, she is glad to see that there are so many people in cities like Pittsburgh have the needs to learn authentic Chinese martial arts. As a Chinese martial artist from the origin she feels the responsibility and decides to cooporate with Win-Win Kung Fu Cultural Center to enhance the curriculum with her expertise in Chinese martial arts and kung fu movie making. 

We believe her partinership with Win-Win Kung Fu will bring the promotion of Chinese martial arts in Pittsburgh area and in US to a new century.

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