Master Matthew Schneider

Assistant instructor

Sifu Schneider has practiced Chinese martial arts for over twenty years. He has had long term extensive training under Masters, Zhou Jian Hwa, He Weiqi, Sifu Keith Huey, and Master Nick Scrima, for traditional, contemporary, internal and external styles. Sifu Schneider started his Traditional Kung Fu training in 1988 under Sifu Keith Huey who was a senior student of ICMAC promoter Master Nick Scrima. He holds title of Black Sash 1st Degree from International Kung Fu Center in 1992 and the 1st level instructor of mi zong luo han (迷踪罗汉)in 1994. While a part of the International Kung Fu Center he was exposed to many of North American's top Kung Fu Masters through camps and special training sessions. Masters of note are:Master William CC Chen, Master C.H. Marr, Master Alex Kwok, and Master Benson Lee. Sifu Schneider has taught hundreds for of students Chinese Martial Arts as a full time instructor from 1993-1996 and was a kids Coach for He Weiqi's Richmond program in the late Ninties. From 1996 to 2008 he received intensive training from Master Zhou of Richmond Wushu. In addition to to Chinese Martial Arts he has studied Western boxing, American style Kick Boxing, and Muay Thai kick boxing.

While upholding the highest Wushu standards for adults, Sifu Schneider is specialized kids Martial Art instructor. Spending over 15 years perfecting his teaching skills, he developed a method to bring the most useful aspects of Martial Art Training to forefront. These aspects are confidence, focus, and discipline. While the physical aspects are what the Martial Arts are, Sifu Schneider believes the greatest benefits to the younger students are only truly realized when confidence, focus, and discipline have been achieved, then Wushu training can have a profoundly positive effect which can help the students outside of the Martial Arts class. Sifu Schneider explains, "If a student has ADD or ADD/HD this person is going to struggle with school work and have discipline problems in school and at home, as a result may suffer from lack of confidence. ADD/ADD/HD can be cured with discipline, focus and confidence. Another child may be doing well in school but does not listen to their parents and this leads to friction in the family and leaves many parents not know what to do. As a result the parents do the wrong thing and the problem worsens to the point the parent gives up and the kids do whatever they want and that is not a good situation for the child or the parent. Some children suffer from lack of confidence and this can affect them socially, and economically their whole life. The exception to the modern youth is the child with confidence, focus, and disciple and through my teaching methods I develop qualities in my students."