Master Jicheng Sheng

Honorary Grand Master

Sheng, holding a Masterís degree in Economics, is currently, a PhD student at American University Beijing campus, internationally registered business administrator, and world level martial arts grandmaster with outstanding contribution. He has trained tens of national and international champions. Integrating the essences of Shaolin, Wudang,and Ermei. He created uniquely tens of SXTB Consummate Skills that have amazed the global martial arts world and were awarded gold medals from various world championships. Sheng has published tens of articles and works on the national recognized journals which has positively and highly impacted the martial arts world domestically and internationally. Sheng currently is the president of SXTB Education Group, the president of Hong Kong based Great Wall Culture Media Incorporation, vice-president of Anhui Wushu Association, honored coach of Anhui Provincial Sanda Team, honorary citizen of Columbus and Reynoldsburg, Ohio, senior lead educator of Education, Science and Culture Organization of US and China, senior consultant of Artist Association of Thailand and China, honorable president of Kaohsiung Hong Quan wushu Association in Taiwan.

Sheng led students to represent the national team, the provincial team as well as the Hefei city team, for so many times, to participate international, national and provincial competitions, and earned over 1000 medals and cups, and had demonstrated domestically and internationally in front of people from over 50 countries and regions, such as, United States, France, and Russia, etc.

The school he founded and he himself have been praised by China Sports Ministry, China Central Committee of gong Party, Anhui Provincial Committee of Zhigong Party, and Anhui Provincial government and Hefei city government, as National Achieved Wushu School, Achieved Group for Community Service, Achieved Oversee Friendship Group, Achieved Organization for Community Sponsored School, Achieved person for community sponsored school, exceptional talent with special skills.