Master Zugang Zhang (Jason)

Zugang Zhang is a first class wushu Master. He entered in SXTB in 1990. After graduating with honor he took teaching position at SXTB. During his studying and teaching, for so many times, he has participated international, national and provincial competitions representing national team, provincial team as well as Hefei city team with awards listed below.

1999 International Wushu and Ultimate Skills Tournament in Taizhou
  • Highest Prize for Breaking Tome Stone with head
  • Highest Prize for Cutting Bricks with One Palm
  • Highest Prize for Rohan Hitting Bell
2003-2005 Arnold Martial Arts Festivals
  • the best ultimate skill performance
He has visited and demonstrated his ultimate skills in USA, France, Russia, Canada, Dominica, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.