Lion dance is a Chinese traditional art dating back at least 1000 years, with various legends of its origin. Martial arts schools have adopted lion dance as a way to incorporate novelty in training, experiment with techniques, and build camaraderie among students. A further incentive was to provide a source of income for the schools, since among the legends is that putting money in the mouth of the lion (usually during Lunar New Year) brings good luck, and also that appropriately executed performances can bring good fortunes to restaurant openings, business partnerships, weddings, or even offer respect to the deceased.
  Win-Win Kung Fu offers semi-formal Southern style lion dance training twice weekly. We value using the fundamentals to innovate new choreography, and we welcome anyone interested to participate and see if they would like to be a regular dancer. Please send us an email to join us, as our practice days and times vary with the weather and other studio schedules.

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