"I love taking Tai Chi here! The instructors are Chinese and studied in China and somehow manage to be both rigorous and easy-going at the same time. I appreciate being exposed to multiple styles and forms of Tai Chi. The students are very diverse and come from different backgrounds and the whole place is very welcoming and family-friendly. Love this place!"
- Paul B.
"Win Win Kung Fu has been a source of high level wushu instruction in Pittsburgh that cannot be found anywhere else in the area. They promote not only Chinese martial art but instills fundamental principles of health, wellness, discipline and martial ethics.  I have known Master Hesheng Bao for over 14 years and his selfless dedication to preserving Chinese culture and martial arts excellence. Highly recommend this school."
- Arthur W.
"Wushu is the best, and Win-Win is the real deal. Builds strength, flexibility, and coordination at the same time --- which can't be said of any other form of exercise (even other martial arts) that I've ever tried. I feel younger, faster, stronger now than I did when I started taking classes 3 years ago. Also, I find the demanding workout to be calming and very helpful for dealing with life stress. (And, I will also say that as a woman, it's a lot of fun to practice in parks or do demos and inspire young girls to check out martial arts too.) My 7yo son also takes classes there, and his confidence has grown as a result."​​
- Joy P.